Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Universal Language of Video Games

What was I doing before we got AOL in our house in 1994?

Wasting my childhood playing Street Fighter II. :)

I still remember playing Street Fighter II for 5 hours straight one rainy day and coming THISCLOSE to kickin' Bison's ass as Chung Li. Girl Power indeed. I think I got a C on some pre-Algebra test cuz I should've been studying the Commutative Theory or some shite like that instead. Whooooooops.

And I LOVE how my Taiwanese friends here did the SAME thing as well.

Here's evidence...from a Taiwanese talk show.

(skip to 1:13 for the good VERY LOOSE translation below)

Girl: Today our topic is retro video games. blah blah blah..hey, which videogame held the most meaning and left the deepest impression on your everlasting soul? And no I'm so not rehearsing this out of my ass.

Dude: Hell yea chica, everyone knows that the most badass game from heavan to hell was that hella fast fighting game like the smooth wind.


Dude: Hadouken!!! I remember big streets and little alleys had that shit up displayed and everyone would get their POSE on.They'd sit, with their right hand like THIS and their left hand like THAT in order to achieve HADOUKEN!

To achieve Hadouken..

Dude: get Hadouken you gotta JAB AT IT! POKE! But the best was the T.K.HADOUKEN JABBING METHOD.

Girl: WAZ DAT?!?!

Dude: A.k.a...the TAI-KE(hillbilly Taiwanese) HADOUKEN JABBING METHOD! Yo yo yo check it. I got my right controller, holding it like a highballer..CHEERS..and then with my left hand on the other this..HADOU-HADOU-HADOOOOUUUUKEEEEEN!!!!!!!

Dude you had to be a master at this with no life otherwise to attain that level of mastery. But the best was when you'd see grade schoolers act this shizz out in real life.

Like, you'd see two kids on the street...

and I needn't have to translate the rest now, eh?

OK. One last line after everything has been said and done:

Girl: One more time, can you do the HAROUKEN CHA-CHA?



Helgatron said...

oh my gawd I used to do that shit all the time! IT'S SO GOOD TO KNOW I WAS NOT ALONE!!!!!!!

Kiara said...

Yeah, heard that too here, Harouken! Haha. Remembering the past, I used to play this game street fighter, I am a girl yeah, but I love to play with Lei. In fact I have Download Games of this kind. You put a smile in my mouth. :)