Saturday, July 22, 2006

Taipei One of the Top 10 Rudest Cities

People are sometimes skeptical when I bitch about how rude people in Taipei are.

"Yea, New Yorkers are so nice to begin with."

And I always weakly defend myself by saying, " Well,I just felt that in NYC...people were actually more considerate."


Let's Review:

NYC: Most Polite City.
Taipei: 7 out of the top 10 RUDEST CITIES IN THE WORLD.

This definately makes me feel better about getting whacked in the face with a sun parasol TWICE in the same day, and getting no apologies.

Albeit...this was a study based on Western standards for politeness....blah blah blah...and I think that in NYC, if you poked someone in the eye with your umbrella, you wouldn't be apologizing because it was "the way [you] were brought up". Nuh UH...if you were a real New Yorker you'd be doing it out of fear that your victim would say something like, "Excuse YOU..BITCH! FUCKIN' watch where you're going..stupid whore."

But yea, come on. If you drop a stack of papers on the ground and noone bothers to help you out...that's fuckin'cold.

Ha ha...this really shouldn't be news though. I mean, how could we have forgotten this???