Sunday, October 14, 2007

Here Comes the Bride All Dressed in...OMG.

My friend is getting married in Hong Kong, and she's upset because her dad is forcing her and her fiancee to pose in super cheesy forced wedding photos.

"He wants us to do this fake Dr. Zhivago shit like we're in Russia!"

Frankly, I think Emily shouldn't be complaining. And Josh should be kissing the ground and thanking Lord, Heaven and Earth that he's not facing what poor Horlick here is going through....


Hey bridesmaids! Don't feel left out! You too can join in the fun by donning one of these sassy numbers!

(frankly, if I had to be bridesmaid at a Hello Kitty Wedding, I'd just be thankful she wouldn't insist I wear the damn thing AS Hello Kitty.)

On the flip side though...Emily and Josh should know that they can also have a kickass awesome World Of Warcraft wedding. Ellen was kind enough to send me the link and provide me with the wedding photos:

Pretty cute huh? Now these aren't so bad. Compared with the schlocky wedding photos of most Asian wedding album studios, you can kinda see that the couple is really having actual fun with these photos...and they seem mutually INTO W.O.W....

Ok...waaaaay into W.O.W. What the hell is up with THIS picture??!?!?!! Why is the groom an Albino Monkey?!

(ps- I hear there's a rumor for a super hot Wong Kar Wei "In the Mood for Love" inspired wedding album that will compliment the cheese-tastic Russian Cossack version. :)