Saturday, November 04, 2006

Modern Toilet in Taipei

Yesterday, I went to Modern Toilet with some friends.

That's right bitches. Modern Toilet is a RESTAURANT.

For the's their website.

Judging from how hard it was to get a (hee hee) toilet seat, the stigma of poo and pee hasn't done much to
deter hungry and thirsty patrons in the Shilin area.

It's (understandably) more popular with the younger, high school crowd. I can't imagine my mom
scooping chocolate ice cream out of squat toilet.

The seats are made out of real toilets...with designer lids.

And YES, they do open.

There's some tasteful art that they exhibit throughout the restaurant.

All three floors of the restaurant. Notice the golden turds. You can buy your own for $6 USD each.

Oh yea, I forgot. We came here to EAT.....this is my friend's curry toilet bowl. TASTY!

The turd holds extra surprises.

This was my dish...Beef Hotpot in a Toilet Bowl. I don't know how I feel about those sauce stains on the rim.

Our ice cream arrives in Taiwanese Squat Toilet Bowls. My friend was pissed that they didn't serve
it in the traditional "Japanese Poo Swirl".

1,2,3...Say, "POOOOOOOOOO!"


Closing Thoughts on Modern Toilet: Modern Toilet is obviously one of those theme restaurants
where the emphasis on going isn't on its fine cuisine. You're basically there just to take pictures and
act like a retard with your friends. (which I did EASILY) But as I am a serious eater, I DID have some
suggestions for the place...namely that they work on expanding and improving their beverages some
more. The iced teas were way overbrewed to the point that noone finished them, and I was extremely
disappointed to see they were served in traditional glasses. Come on, if you've gone so far...why not
the way and over the top and give me my drink in a champagne flute that looks like a urinal, or if
that's too gross, at least a kitchen sink? And I KNOW my friend Ellen was thinking, "WHERE'S THE
ALCOHOL?!??!" Hahahahaha...but otherwise no major complaints. The place was clean, the staff was
patient, the food was acceptable, the drinks sucked...but my friends and I couldn't stop laughing the whole
night. :)


Jonathan Biddle said...

yes yes

I was like... why not make the tissues in rolls next to the seats, why not make a girls entrance and a boys entrance seperate, adding to the whole embarrassing photo opportunities when the guys/ gurls pretend to swap. Why not make the joke somehow... i don't know... funny? Why not say.. 'our food is shit'? It's funny. I enjoyed it. I genuinely didn't care the food was crap (you see I make jokes naturally) ... i mean come on.

hand dryers, towels ... and then... i mean this is just golden. what about the REAL toilets in the restaurant? Crying out for something pithy and self-referencing. But no. Urinal and sink. Bog standard.

drunk an ranting about a shit restaurant. what can i say?


Hiding in Asia said...

Haha...Biddle! Keep those drunken commments coming.

Chris Churcher said...

Yeah the food isn't so good but when you're eating out of a shitter what can you expect? Biddle you're right about the toilets... I would have liked to have pissed into a saucepan or bain-marie to complete the experience...


Anonymous said...

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Johnny said...

Hello, I'm in Taipei now... where is this restaurant? One of my friends from home saw it on the Food Network and told me I have to go.


Johnny said...

Hey, I'm in Taipei now... where in the city is this restaurant? One of my friends from home saw it on the Food Network and told me that I have to check it out.


Dbh said...

No, no, I have an even better idea. Just get plastic glasses that are shaped like those transportable urinals, you know, like the ones you find at carnivals or at the circus.