Friday, November 10, 2006

Couture SARS Masks of Asia

I LOVE Samira Boon's Funny Animal Face Masks. Very clever work. :)

Back home, we make fun of Michael Jackson for wearing his face masks, but here in Asia it's really common for everyone to rock it like Michael and cover up half their faces. Heck-even I'M wearing a face mask every morning now as I battle through my seasonal asthma. And thanks to the selection here, I get to color coordinate them with my sassy outfits:

The practice serves two purposes-to keep shit OUT and to keep shit IN. There's so much pollen, dust, bus/car/scooter exhaust, stinky tofu, questionable sewage trapped in our city basin-it would be an invitation for lung disease not to tie one on before leaving the house sometimes. Also, if you've got a perpetual cough that won't quit- it's a sign of courtesy to muffle your face with the mask, and keep your nasty germs to yourself.

One last look at the newest mask I bought when I went to the Rao He Nightmarket with Temsy and Chih:

My living, breathing, blogface. :)


kongkongna said... many....i love them all...haha...
i ganna miss you a lot Hellen......><....
don't go....><....come back to visit us ok.....
if i have get the change i will visit you both in New York for sure..

Hiding in Asia said...

WAAAAAH! I'll miss u too Jin!

BIG HUG! I'm running across the office to give you one now!