Monday, November 06, 2006

Animation+Music+Nerdy Computer Wizardry=THE SPERM WHALE

This band is a labor of love from my friends Jason and Sandra.

I remember sitting inside Alt Cafe in Alphabet City, knitting a red alpaca wool scarf for my cousin while my friend Jason was slavering over a VJing program that linked musical beats/notes to animated graphics. That was almost two years ago...and here are the fruits of his labor! (my red scarf is most likely underused and under my cousin's bed by now)

The Villainous Cast of THE SPERM WHALE:
Tom Shad - bass, guitar, chapman stick, vocals, keys, ..
Jase Weston - fx, guitar, drum programming,, ..
Kris Weston - additional fx.
Mike Pride - drums
Iain Melvin - programming
Sandra Cordero - sprites

Video by: Dennis Ordonez

And of course, they have a MySpace Page. :)

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