Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Not Gay, but MAGICAL Male Hair Sytlists of Love

Some more promotional pictures for those manly boys in The Magicians of Love.

The shoes! The hair! The man jewelry! THE EYELINER!

Simply HAWT.

The Magicians of Love

The Magicians of Love, whose ratings have proved it to be a hugely popular TV series in Taiwan, stars the handsome boys from Taiwanese boy group 183 Club, plus beautiful young actress Joanne Tseng. Three top hairstylists in town, Artz (Matt Lin, aka Ming Dao), Riche (Sam Wang), and Fernando (Jacky Chu) opens the "Neo-Image Hair Salon" just opposite to the traditional barber's shop run by Little Bei (Joanne Tseng) and her father. The new "Neo-Image Hair Salon" is also a big blow to Ming (Ehlo Huang), apprentice of Little Bei's father who always claims to be Little Bei's boyfriend. Worse still, Little Bei becomes attracted to the charismatic top hairstylists, especially Artz and Riche. What will become the future of Little Bei's shop - and her love life - in this highly entertaining romantic TV drama?

UM. I had a WHOLE snarky blog entry about this...but I think the official series synopsis pretty much speaks for itself.


p.s.-OK, I can't help but say this though. A WHOLE ENTIRE series about heterosexual male hairdressers in MULLETS fighting over a girl with a FEMULLET?!?!?!?!

p.p.s.- oh, and if this show couldn't get any gayer....a more accurate Chinese translation for the series is The MAGICAL Hairdressers of Love .

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I Am Alive

Man...you live a month without internet and it gets harder and harder to find time to contact your friends from home! BOOOOOOOOO Helen!!!!

I love you all still, and for the last friggin' time I AM NOT GOING NATIVE AND STAYING IN ASIA FOREVER!!!

Quick catch ups and shout outs to the following (I am such a lazy cow, I know):

Elyse- heeding your call I am blogging my ass off right now for you instead of sleeping. (Bitch-u better miss me now!)

Latrisse- it's so good to hear from you again. Next time I see you it'll be as if we saw each other just the week before. :)

Emily- your hospitality makes me weep from gratitude. Hong Kong Disneyland is SO ON!

Tariq-just got your mail...dude! Great to hear from you. We miss you here in this land of crazies.

JaSandra- I keep seeing whale and piscine inspired paraphernalia I want to buy you guys! I want to see pictures of the most recent performance, and thanks for the rundown of NYC 2006!


Joe- You BLOG that ass off!!! You're still an awesome writer! I love it.

Anika- so good talking again. Can't wait to see you.

And finally, here's some pictures of me to make all of you miss me EVEN MORE. (Eat your heart out Elyse, you COLD COLD SNAKE! MISS ME NOW!!??!!? LOL!)

I got new glasses...this makes me look insanely smarter. Better to fool people with!

I took up smoking!

Just kidding! Ciggy smoke still puts me to sleep faster than watching Chinese MTV. And I also want to preserve my sperm count.

The Real World: Taipei which consists of me, Katie, Danny, Leon and Cherie on our road trip out to Miaoli.

Developed mutant powers on my trip to Hong Kong.

As well as drinking powers. TEQUILA SHOTS WITH EMILY TING AGAIN!!! YAY!

And finally, here's a picture of the RANDOM sculpture Ellen and I found of Chiang Kai Shek in an alley. HOT!

Will blog more, will write more, will call more, will mail more.


Helen :)