Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years at Taipei 101 a.k.a. 9/11 Sponsored by SONY

As someone who just recently moved from NYC to Taipei, this was a pretty weird start for my New Year...

In retrospect maybe I shouldn't have been standing RIGHT underneath the tallest building in the world as it was LIT UP with fireworks and flames shooting from its sides. I honestly had no idea that was how they were going to approach it. I surely didn't expect to think..."Wow, this is so 9/11" as I started off my 2006. But then things got more surreal with the introduction of this...

For the less eagle's a better close up of what it says from this dude Tanjun's Flickr Site:

WHAT A COMMERCIAL! Sony must have ponied up a ton of money to get that kind of publicity. Seriously, for the rest of the night and at work the next day everyone was debating if it was the word "Bravo" misspelled or wondering out loud what the heck a "Bravia" even is. My friends and I started booing once they flashed the Sony ad on the 101 Tower after it showed up. Today I was ranting about how the commercialism sucked, until I came across this awesome panoramic VIRTUAL TIMES SQUARE New Years photo! (Complete with sounds and Mariah Carey's cleavage)

That put things a LITTLE more in perspective.
How many ads can you find in the photo? Let's make an Eye Spy Game out of this!!!

HAPPY 2006! Buy lots of Sony Bravias after you find out what it is and show Mimi some love by paying to see her (inevitable) next feature that she'll surely be droppin' this year!

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