Monday, January 23, 2006

Asian Males Are More Secure in Their Masculinity-Part 2

From Taiwan. My land. My home. My people.

I see a theme emerging. Asian men don't give a damn if you think they're gay. If they want to wear wigs, dance in short shorts, and channel BEYONCE in public, then go and make out with their hot girlfriends...they will. Seriously, do any of the males back in the states have the COJONES to do this?

Word on the internets is the backup dancers are women...but "Beyonce" is a dude whose got a girlfriend. F'reals.

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eric said...

I'm sorry, but nuh uh, gurrl. I'll tell you who has cojones to do that in public. Homos, ya'll. PS - his weave looks fierce. Must've rubbed a fabric softener sheet on it first.