Friday, January 06, 2006

For Xmas A Guy Tried to Beat me Up at Luxy!

I went to the Christmas party at Luxy's where a guy twice my size, high on Ecstasy and NOT feeling the love tried to beat me up. Luckily his friends held him back and I was whisked away by my pals.

Luxy is Taipei's biggest/smokiest/most overpriced/crowded nightclub. I normally avoid it, but I went with good friends who got me a free pass inside. As usual, the hip hop was strong, the dancing derivative, and everyone was ignoring all sorts of fire and building code violations.

The story isn't really worth repeating in detail. All I can say was I was joking around by pretending to freak out like some agoraphopic germaphobic freak. And yea, at one point I just started yelling (like Invader Zim):

"All these FIIIIILTHY GEEEEERMY PEEEEEOPLE! Noone Fuckin' touch me!"

Some strangers who understood English too laughed with us. Except this one guy. He started cursing me out.



Then he did started heaving his chest out, trying to get in my face, then backing away, all the while staring me down, before lunging, arms flailing to punch me. It was so National Geographic.

INCREDIBLY,two hours later my friend sees a guy checking her out, and it's HIM.
And he's sitting with a group of people she KNOWS.

Later, we found out this guy:
a) was high on ecstasy
b) was a proud graduate of Taipei American School
c) had changed his tactic from hitting girls to just hitting ON them.
d) didn't recognize me as the 110 lb. girl he tried to beat up hours earlier

Why do I have trouble meeting people in Taipei? Particularly guys? Do you really need to ask?

On that note. Does Luxy follow fire and building code violations? And why do so many people in Taipei need ecstasy to have a good time when they go out? Seriously, they pop them like Tic Tacs over here.

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