Sunday, October 29, 2006

Making a Shrimp Sushi Hat for Halloween

The Inspiration:

The Sushi Express Mascots

The Materials:

Pillow With Stuffin' Taken Out

The Journey:

Using a brow pencil I draw the outline for half of the shrimp body.

Cut shape out and gluestick it to the cloth again. Hey, I didn't have any pins.

Draw an outline for the body again, sew over the line, and cut out the shape.

Invert body and fill with it to swim cap base.

Pre fitting-to evaluate if the stuffing ratio is just right when it's sitting on my head.

Sewing the middle indentationM

I tried sewing this shrimp on with the cap off, but it really cut down on its elasticity and it wouldn't fit over my damn big head. So now I'm sewing this shrimp on VERY CAREFULLY with the cap ON.

Like I said to my friends. It looks like I'm wearing a damn maxi pad on my head.

So it's time to break out the shrimp tail (pink foam sheet) and poster paint!

When the paint finishes drying, I sew the tail on and now we have a whole shrimp.

Because I chose a blue swimp cap, I sew the "rice" portion on underneath the shrimp. In addition I cut a ribbon of white cloth to wrap it around my head where the rice meets my hairline.

The End Result:

With an elastic band tied underneath for safety, and some scary Joker makeup on, I am officially SHRIMP SUSHI for Halloween.


Jonathan Biddle said...

this is so MAKE:

I got dressed up as a Mormon and harassed people with my God.

elyse said...

fucking awesome! you're so damn smart! did you carry soy sauce, ginger and wasabi too?

Helgatron said...


lisa said...

I just loved your costumes. My pug dogs were geishas for a halloween dog parade & I want them to be sushis this yr. I would love to dress up as a soy sauce pkt with them. How did your friend make that pkt? Is there a way you can contact me? I'll check here later to see.

Anonymous said...

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Emily said...

I am curious how your friend made the ikura sushi---what could I use for nori?

Hellinjay said...

Hi, I recall she simply used black construction pape for the nori. Good Luck!