Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Halloween Already?!?!!?!

I was recently in one of those mega all purpose Japanese Chain stores the other day and was snapping pictures left and right. This is the same tactic I deploy at nightmarkets and souvenir shops or whenever I'm in a place that sells "stuff-you-don't-need-but-think-you-do-until-you've-paid-for-it."

After doing a photoseries on some kitschy ashtrays and miniature fast food keychains, I ventured across THIS O GLORIOUS SITE:

Oh crapcrapcrapcrapcrappitycrapCRAP is it Halloween ALREADY?!?

Every year, I place a high expectation on what my costume will be. Usually by this time I have an idea of what my costume is and I would have had all the basic materials already. But now I've realized I only have TWO DAMN WEEKS to get my shite together.

Oh yea, and to make it harder on myself- I refuse to do store bought costumes.

Exhibit Number 1:

My ...err..I didn't know a Triceratops was so....endowed with...such limbs.

Exhibit Number 2:

By the way...this costume is aptly called "The CHINAMAN" and yes, that IS a white guy wearing it. Two Wongs Make a White, Anyone?

(Note: Both costumes were sold in Taipei.)

Anyway, I've got two weeks, and in those two weeks, I'm going to need something to top LAST YEAR'S HALLOWEEN:

-which was triggered the MOMENT my friend Danny tried on a children's size 12 Tiger costume in the rental shop:

So plainly put, yea, HOW THE HECK DO I TOP THIS ?!?!

I'm a bit flummoxed right now. :(


Jonathan Biddle said...

my plan is to dress as a evil Mormon (I guess they are already), blood pouring from my mouth, with bike helmet and EVERYTHING.

Maybe even a bike.

jin said...

is that you? funny dress...hahaha....