Friday, March 24, 2006

Slang in Asia-Part 2

I was speaking in Chinese the other day...and my tongue tripped over the word for "criticize":

English: to criticize
Pronunciation: Pi Ping

That's right folks...pi ping. Very close to pee peeing.

Hence, the birth of a new slang term for my life in Taiwan.

Pee Peeing
definition: to criticize in a very negative manner, sometimes associated with something Taiwanese that is so hideous, you would want to verbally deface/pee on it.
"Stop pee peeing me for facts that you aren't even clear on."
"That outfit is so ugly, I can't resist pee peeing it."

phrases: "pee peeing on"
Usage: "She was pee peeing on the food at Taipei's New York City Bagels, because shite, man, their food and service is abominable!"

1 comment:

TMC said...

Don`t 批評 me when I`m pee peeing...

sorry,it`s not funny......