Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How My Mood is Lately

If you go outside and see a dude letting his dog take a dump on the sidewalk without bothering to clean it up-you'd be annoyed. But let's face it, you'd probably mind your own business and not say anything.

Now imagine, you're outside, and this same guy stands idly by while his Golden Retriever decides to drop TURD TORPEDOES all over your shoes.

Your first instinct is to probably FLIP OUT- SMEARING THE SHIT BACK ON the dog owner. FUCK YEAH!

How to get further incensed? Have some bystander analyze your actions and later derive that you have some big psychological chip on your shoulder who then prepares to lecture YOU, while IGNORING and SPARING the careless dog owner who started the whole damn mess by drenching you in shit.

This describes the injustice I've been feeling lately.

Thanks for all the people who commented or wrote me personally to say:
a) I was right to feel angry
b)that they wished physical harm on Canadian Dumbass and my friend who was less than understanding
c) that I should just fuck Taiwan and go back home.

Hmmm...I wholeheartedly agree with A. I can only half agree to B and C though. Give me some time though.


Captain OE said...

I'd say definitely physical harm on the prior party in choice b, as for the latter party...well, I can understand your reticence. And as for choice c, I'm completely biased and would love to have you back, but who knows...Taiwan might look brighter again when you've had some time to process everything :)

Katie said...

My image is: Helen’s bazooka had targeted on it. However, she didn't shoot but turned , stayed, and waited this time. Why? Maybe she decided to regard all unacceptable things here as a process of reeducation. I appreciate it. Stay true to your feelings. And remember not to punish yourself by it. Someone deserve it. not you :)

eric said...

girlfriend. you lost me. did you say something to this douchebag? and then some fetal alcohol syndrome face walking by decided to involve themselves? if so - fuck 'em all. i feel you. you need a vacay.