Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sadly, Your Execution Was Flawed....

I was browsing through my favorite NYC blog when I happened to chance upon this arresting image and this post.
I showed this to my coworker who was quick to point out this is ALL BenQ CHINA and not BenQ TAIWAN:

"Look! Those are simplified Chinese characters! Definately the work of those Commie mainland bastards!"
(okay, he didn't really say that last part, but I kind of wish he had.)

After choking on my gingerbread latte (what,you think I drink green tea here?) and wiping away all my "OMG-WTC-WTF?!" thoughts, I started processing what the ad actually meant. Ok...the tag line reads something like "Even if the world ends, I can still believe in the music."

Hmmm...that's a nice thought. It's quite sweet. But after 9/11 happened, the only thing running through my mind was"ohmygodohmygodohmygod"and not "oh wow, I better download some inspirational songs to my mp3 collection so I can get through all the tragedy".

I think if this dude was walking around the ruins like that, he'd be remiss not to match those awesome mp3 players with a SARS mask and biohazard suit. And he better not be listening to those heathen Dixie Chicks. Right Brothers all the waaaaaay!

But you gotta wonder, in Asia...why use an American tragedy like 9/11 to sell your frivolous gadgets? For example-there was a tsunami in Thailand..heck, that sounds almost like Taiwan, and Taiwan is owned by China, so def way more accurate yea?!
And since this is targeted to Chinese people, why not go with the Hiroshima bomb?
Another dig at those oppressive Japs while you're at it!

But wait...looks like Accordian Guy already has a suggestion:

Here's an apology from BenQ after they finally got the prescience of mind to PULL the ad:

I DO applaud BenQ for doing what's right after pissing off the most powerful country in the world. Some American companies may actually benefit from their example. I'm actually really curious about what this "process" they've put in place actually is. Because I think for any large company that wants to go multi-national, they have to, no, NEED TO, have a process that makes sure meanings and intents don't get, ha-ha, lost in translation.

I sympathize partially with BenQ (see, I can be very Asian too). In Asia, people aren't just inclined to be as racial as we oversensitive Americans. A native Chinese person will NEVER think to say, "So, I saw this black-uh,dark-um-afro-no,AFRICAN-AMERICAN guy..." There's no white guilt in Asia-nor is there as big of a fear of being seen as a racist if um...everyone is usually the same race. In NYC for example, race is something we live and breath because we need it to survive (lest you become shunned by peers or worse BEAT / arrested for being such an idiot) Asia, it's something that may have to be learned...and best learned through experience.

BenQ's feelin' that now.

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