Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weatherman Scared of Roach

I know this isn't in Asia, but I thought this merited a special entry in my blog since this is an, um, almost daily occurence for me in Taipei. And of course, like this guy, I start screaming and crying like a little sissy girl.

Trivia: The Taiwanese nickname for cockroach is Xiao Chiang aka "Little Strong", I guess since those lil' fuckers never die!!!


maggie said...

That is some funny shit! Hahahahhahaha.

That happened to my friend (a guy) when we were visiting Thailand. There was a HUGE roach in our room and he tried to scoop it into a cup with a magazine so that he could release it outside, unharmed. Unfortunately on the way out, the roach managed to escape and I had the pleasure of witnessing his freakout. He screamed like a little girl. I couldn't breathe for like an hour cause I was laughing so hard. Hahahahahahhahaha. Good times.

Helgatron said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!