Sunday, February 26, 2006

Listen to THIS, MotherBITCH...and MTVChi-WTF?!

Wow. I mean. Wow.

From what I could glean about Notorious MSG is that they're like Beastie Boys meets Long Duk Dong. On the surface they seem so GODDAMN OFFENSIVE, but if you look closer, like at their interesting interview with it seems like they are fighting for Asian American issues that need to get more exposure. Sure, it's delivered as a joke, but underneath that joke a lot of issues like Chinese Food Delivery Fatalities and the fact that we don't drive motherfuckin' rickshaws as well as the,erm..apparent virility of the "Chinese Egg Roll" gets through to a more mainstream audience.

Plus, they're funny. Anyone who says their music "doesn't just get in your ears, it gets in your butt hole and VIBRATES" deserves a listen, right?!

On a side note. Mtv apparently launched a separate music channel for Chinese American Music. It's called..wait for it...MTVChi When did this happen?!

Personally, I have to wonder how effective minority interest entertainment channels like Logo, WE, Lifetime, BET, MTVChi are.
Sure the "gesture" that they're out there seems like the entertainment business is doing "something" to address us. But frankly, I have to wonder if by making these channels, big channels like MTV are only further avoiding responsibility of diversifying their own content. Like, if I have to watch the SAME GODDAMN Ashlee Simpson video on MTV and see the ZILLIONTH repeat of an MTV Cribs episode, what excuse is there to not put some Notorious MSG and MC Jin up there with it?

Also, as a Chinese American woman (yikes, I actually went there! ha!), I am not apt to go right to WE, O, Lifetime, MTVChi etc..for my programs. For example, I didn't find Notorious MSG off of MTVChi. I came across their interview with Through Notorious MSG, that was how I even knew MTVChi EXISTED. Hey, isn't it supposed to work backwards? And isn't it strange that in TAIWAN I'm the first of my Asian American friends to hear about BOTH Notorious MSG AND MTVChi?

The only thing I think can redeem a channel like MTVChi is if they put on some original programming that attracts a general wide interest. Kinda what Queer Eye did for Bravo. Otherwise they're stuck with an "urban ghetto" status that will make it really hard for them to make any real impact. Apparently these boys will "sexually assualt your ears for free" in various shows around the States. Most recently my old digs, NYC. If anyone catches a show, let me know if they're good.

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