Monday, January 22, 2007

Hong Kong: The Soundtrack

The one day Emily and I leave the camera at home and give ourselves a break from filming the documentary, we encounter the liveliest and most musical day in Hong Kong so far.

We had my tiny point and shoot though at least.

Causeway Bay had an outdoor "Racial Harmoney Day" series of performances, one of them featuring these amazing guys. Anyone up for taking a Bollywood dance class with me?
Look at those moves!!!!!

I caught these guys in the spur of the moment, wish I'd filmed them longer. (and given them casholah)


Jonathan Biddle said...

it's quite clear i need to do more video work. but i somehow can't handle the idea of someone hosting my data. hmm.

oh yeah - i can't do this because i host on my own site ftp, but the new blogger looks crazy mad. Ajax interface and widgets and lots of potential for hackery. not for i tho. but I am happy enough just to have some tags to use now.


Dwat said...

Kinda makes me hard Helen.

how the hell are you?

I might be in taiwan 3/20 ish for Katie's Wedding...

need to see if i can get out of here...

Dwat said...

Loves it.